Cookies and Cream

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5 reviews for Cookies and Cream

  1. Vianna

    Planet of Vapes always has what I need and the shipping is fast, very Happy.

  2. Maddison

    Very quick delivery No drama …
    Very quick delivery No drama Awesome!

  3. Elisaberth

    Fast shipping… often on timeđź’–

  4. Baggio

    I purchased the cookies cream earlier this year and recently started experiencing issues with the tactile switch. After reaching out to Recreational weed dispensary, they reassured that my issues would be taken care of. First, they recommended a potential solution cleaning the switch with a drop of 90% isopropyl alcohol. Unfortunately, that solution didn’t work for me. After confirming that the solution didn’t work, they sent the return label almost immediately along with the link with the remainder of the instructions for warranty service. It was a seamless process and the new replacement shipped out as soon as they received my old one. My new product works like a dream and very content with the performance. Thank you Recreational weed dispensary! I will be sure to return for more of your business. This is truly top notch customer service that I really appreciate.

  5. Priscilla Ganni

    Excellent website interface. Outstanding customer service! Unit purchased was stolen en-route and after a 2 day investigation, a replacement was sent via alternate carrier. This site has real people at the other end of the email that care about the customer needs.

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